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Plan GO Shamokin!!
Community Rebuilding Workshop: The Go Shamokin! project which is a 5 year implementation plan for economic revitalization is being led by the firm Stromberg/Garrigan & Associates, who was retained by the Revitalization Partnership of City of Shamokin, SABER and SEDA-COG to facilitate the planning process, including public engagement and plan preparation. In addition, the U.S. EPA Office of Environmental Justice is undertaking a coordinated effort focused on Rebuilding Our Community. The two efforts held a combined community workshop focused on identifying strengths and opportunities of the City through the use of visioning work sessions and activities the second week of February. 153 people attended the week-of-workshops, and the following 6 goals were identified – please click on the links for the most updated information as to what has happened since the public workshop: 

  • Goal 1: Attract and support the development of new businesses and support job creation activities/programs
  • Goal 2: Bring citizens together to work towards a common goal of increasing pride and ownership in our community
  • Goal 3: Foster and nurture productive partnerships
  • Goal 4: Redevelop/demolish/rehabilitate/cleanup blighted commercial and residential properties throughout the city
  • Goal 5: Enhance positive relationship building, inclusive communities, fostering human dignity and respect
  • Goal 6: Making Shamokin healthy, green, and clean now and tomorrow 


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Anthracite Heritage Festival
Anthracite Heritage Festival
Shamokin Downtown Doo Wop
Shamokin Downtown Doo Wop